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Scott DS Shell Dryo Monosuit Review

Scott DS Shell Dryo Monosuit Review

Scott Sports, a long-time manufacturer of snowsports equipment, has recently entered the snowmobile outerwear market.

I’ve spent several days in the mountains with Scott’s DS Shell Dryo monosuit this winter, in both damp conditions as well as dry and deep. Here’s my Scott DS Shell Dryo Monosuit review.


Scott DS Shell Dryo Monosuit Review
Cut/Abrasion Resistance
8.1Punching Above Its Weight Class
Overall this monosuit is a stylish looking, quality made, durable, logical choice at its price point. The Scott DS Shell Dryo Monosuit has managed to land on the higher end of style, performance and quality—without a jaw crushing price.

Scott DS Shell Dryo Monosuit Review

When it comes to big mountain snowmobiling outerwear these days, there are plenty of options at a wide range of price points to choose from. With these options come a lot of variation in performance and style. Monosuits are a popular style choice because of their ability to keep snow out and increase mobility.

Design and Fit

I was immediately impressed with the fit and finish of the Scott DS Shell Dryo monosuit. The stitching is solid and the ergonomics provide a very good fit.

The size large DS Shell monosuit fits my 180 cm and 87 kg athletic build perfectly, with just enough room for a chest protector and knee/shin guards underneath. The DS Shell Dryo definitely feels like it was designed for athletic builds. I suspect that riders with shorter legs, a longer torso, and a larger waistline it might find it an odd fit, but there is an adjustable band built into waistline to help provide a more customized fit if necessary.

Scott DS Shell Dry Monosuit Review_-3

The one thing I didn’t like about the design was the suspenders, which felt a bit like an afterthought and didn’t feel very effective. Luckily for me, the overall form-fitting shape of the suit kept it in place while allowing me enough flexibility to dangle off the sled in any direction. I would also prefer more pockets placed in strategic locations.

Scott DS Shell Dry Monosuit Review_-10
A device pocket on the inside helps keep your electronics warm.
Scott DS Shell Dry Monosuit Review_-5
A collar expansion zipper doubles as an outside chest pocket.

Waterproofness and Breathability

The outer material is a durable water-repellant coated nylon shell that is direct laminated with Scott’s proprietary breathable, wind and waterproof membrane called “DRYOsphere 2L”.

The DS Shell Dryo’s waterproof and breathability rating is 20K/20K, which puts it on average for its price range. In real-world testing, the DS Shell Dryo stops wetness from getting in—not only just through the fabric itself, but also does a great job of sealing the zippers, openings and stitching.

The snow cuffs on the wrists and boots are both exceptional at keeping moisture out and ice from building up in those areas.

Scott DS Shell Dryo Monosuit Review Zippers
Waterproof zippers and boot gaiters do a good job of preventing snow from coming in.
Scott DS Shell Dry Monosuit Review_-4
Double hook-and-loop closures and wrist gaiters provide equal protection for your arms.

But stopping water from getting in is only half the stay dry, stay warm story. Perspiration is a major issue for active riders of all skill levels. Whether pulling endless treelines, pulling endless bumpers, or both, active riders can sweat up to a liter on a deep day. I found myself opening the venting right away to help the suit keep up with the moisture being produced by my body. This worked sufficiently on the cold, dry days but struggled a bit to keep up as temperature and humidity rose.

Overall, I was reasonably dry for several punishing days in the hills.

Scott DS Shell Dry Monosuit Review_-7
Back vents help pent-up moisture escape from around the backpack.


Durability on short term testing is difficult to determine, but the immediate cut and abrasion resistance of the Scott suit is impressive. After several scrappy encounters with alders and multiple stabs from dead tree branches I was pleasantly surprised to find no rips, tears or even permanent marks on the suit.

The footboards on my Polaris sled are well-known pant shredders, and the DS Shell Dryo monosuit held together with only minor abrasions on the main fabric and none on the heavy duty in-step protection to the knees—something that can’t be said about a different, well-known brand of suit (at twice the price) that I destroyed on the infamous running boards.

With snowmobiling outerwear, the trade-off for durability often comes at the expense of breathability. Scott has opted to ensure durability over breathability, which is a fair trade for the rider without an unlimited budget.

Scott DS Shell Dryo Monosuit Review Summary

Scott DS Shell Dry Monosuit Review_

Overall, this monosuit is a stylish, quality-made, durable and logical choice at this price point. The SCOTT DS Shell Dryo is priced at $700 CAD.

The SCOTT DS Shell Dryo Monosuit has managed to land on the higher end of style, performance and quality, without a jaw crushing price.



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