Carburetor – 36mm, 400cc to 600cc


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36mm Carburetor commonly used for a wide range of displacement in the 300cc, 400cc, 500cc, 600cc, 700cc, and 800cc range. This carb has a 36mm manifold opening, 55mm breather opening. This carburetor is made in Japan by Mikuni and is knows as ‘the best’ carburetor for these high displacement machines without close competitors. Very commonly used by brands like CF Moto, Chrinoex, Xinyang, Odes and many others. Specifically used by: Chironex Spartan 500cc and 600cc UTVs (4×4/2×4 and similar variations), CF Moto 500cc and 600cc ATVs and UTVs (4×4/2×4 and similar variations), Xinyang 500cc and 600cc ATVs and UTVs (4×4/2×4 and similar variations).

Common Chironex model name is primarily listed as “Chironex 500cc Spartan XUV or UTV” and “Chironex 600cc Spartan XUV or UTV”, Common listed Chironex Spartan Mikuni Carburetor part number is 44520-5000.

Common CF Moto model names consist of variations of “CF Moto 500cc or 600cc ATV”, “CF Moto 500cc or 600cc UTV”, “CF Moto 500cc or 600cc XUV”, “CF moto 500cc or 600cc 4×4” etc. Common listed CF Moto Mikuni Carburetor part number is 018-100000 with old part number reference of CF188-100000.

Common Xinyang model names consist of variations of “XY500UE”,”XY600UE” as well as a range of less formal names such as “Xinyang 500cc or 600cc UTV”, “Xinyang 500cc or 600cc XUV”, “Xinyang 500cc or 600cc ATV”, “Xinyang 500cc or 600cc 4×4/2×4” etc. Common listed Xinyang Mikuni brand carburetor for both the XY500UE and XY600UE is 44520-5000.

  • Manufacturer PN: 018-100000
  • Manufacturer PN: CF188-100000
  • Manufacturer PN: 44520-5000
  • Manufacturer PN: 16100-002-0000
  • Manufacturer PN: 179F.15
  • Manufacturer PN: 16100-002-0000


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