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Shinko 520 Series (Intermediate/Hard)

by Shinko
Original price $46.99 - Original price $159.99
Original price $46.99
$46.99 - $159.99
Current price $46.99
SKU 01-04123
Size: 2.50-10
Part: Front

Rear Tire Features:

• Work very well in a wide range of soil conditions from mud, sand to intermediate loam

• Tall wide spaced knobs offer great self cleaning to provide excellent straight line traction on softer conditions

• Rubber compound offers excellent durability for long knob life

Front Tire Features:

• Front knobs use a 45° knob pattern for a better biting edge when cornering and better braking stability

• Tall knobs offer excellent traction in soft to intermediate loam conditions

• 90/100 sizing features a taller side wall to prevent pinch flats in roots and rocky conditions.

• 80/100 sizing feature lower profile sidewall for more precise cornering and less sidewall flex