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Red Bull Spect Sunglasses WING I

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  • Innovative SPECT Dual Temple System for best fit during high movement sports.
  • Lightweight but stable TR90 frame.
  • Polarized Polycarbonate lenses with UV400 protection ensure best sight

SPECT Dual Temple System

Easy Switch System
Allowing the second hidden temple to come into full function by wrapping around the ear.

How does it work?
The innovation consists of a system having an internal guide into the temple
where a flexible metal wire can slide in and out by moving a slider with the finger

When completely out, the wire helps to better hold the spectacles on the user’s face.
Through its curly form the wire inside the temple wraps around the ear instead of
only resting on it.

By moving the slider with the finger, the user can push it out of the temple
along an internal guide until the complete exit.
In the same way, moving the slider the opposite way,
the wire can slide back until it completely disappears inside the temple.