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SCORPION RALLY STR is the enduro on/off-road segment designed specifically to meet the most demanding needs on the market. It presents an aggressive tread and important technological innovations that provide traction on dirt roads, stability even at high speeds,
handling and agility on the road, in addition to comfort and grip in all riding conditions.

SCORPION RALLY STR was conceived for the latest generation of adventure, dual purpose and street enduro bikes, also capable of handling long trips and excursions, including off-road sections.

SCORPION RALLY STR provides off-road performance combined with excellent handling, grip and stability on the road.

The riders that the new SCORPION RALLY STR is aimed at are those seeking versatility, balanced on and off-road performance and a knobby tire with an aggressive look that does not sacrifice grip, safety on wet roads, mileage, stability and comfort.

The main technical characteristics of the SCORPION RALLY STR are:

  • A compound high in silica content that provides excellent grip in any conditions of use and high mileage.
  • Street type profiles and structure to guarantee top notch handling on the road.
  • An innovative tread pattern to provide both traction on dirt roads and stability on asphalt.

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