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Pirelli Scorpion Mx Extra X

by Pirelli
Original price $155.99 - Original price $225.99
Original price $174.99
$155.99 - $225.99
Current price $174.99
SKU 426-3721
Size: 80/100-21 (51M)
Position: Front


Front tire knobbies: They look like arrow heads for better steering
precision and straight-line stability; the V shape of the knobbies give
you better braking stability and cornering control.
• Rear tire knobbies: Maximum traction on all terrains. The casing and
compound reach an ideal balance between durability, performance,
reliability and stiffness.
• Grip and traction on a wide range of terrain (from semi-soft to semi-hard). • Perfect for practice; an ideal compromise between performance and
wear resistance.
• Unchanged tread pattern, but the rear tire stiffness was improved
with reinforcements (bridges). And a new front tire derived from the
Scorpion MX Soft 410.
• Casing composed of many layers for better puncture resistance, but
also with maximum flexibility to better absorb impacts from bumps
and jumps.
• Good performance in training, with even knobby wear, good
resistance to deformations and longer lifetime for the tire.