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Pirelli Diablo Rosso Scooter

SKU 426-2420
by Pirelli
Original price $142.99 - Original price $394.99
Original price $142.99
$142.99 - $394.99
Current price $142.99

The frontier for high-performance scooters inspired by the DIABLOTM family DNA. Motorcycle performance in a scooter tire, unprecedented grip and handling. The daily ride has never been more pleasant and satisfying, regardless of the environment.

Who is it designed for?

The DIABLO ROSSO SCOOTER is intended for owners of sport and high-performance scooters, no matter what engine capacity, who prefer a dynamic riding style and who use their scooters both in the city and on “twisty” roads in the country. This tire is perfect for those looking for excellent handling, highest-quality grip and consistent performance.


  • High performance silica compounds = optimal grip on all conditions
  • Sporty profile = great handling
  • FLASH tread pattern = consistency in performances and uniform wear


Provides maximum agility in directional changes, great stability in a straight line, and precision when holding a riding line, whilst providing a high level of safety and predictability. This is due to the combined characteristics of the profiles and the structures derived from the DIABLO ROSSOTM


Thanks to the materials and the experience gained in other areas, the DIABLO ROSSOTM SCOOTER provides high level performance in all conditions and at a wide range of operating temperatures.


Just having high performance is not enough; you need to be able to have that performance for the entire lifespan of the tire. DIABLO ROSSOTM SCOOTER has a dual blend solution on the rear and a high percentage of silica content that provides excellent grip in all conditions and after significant mileage. The sport profiles and the “flash” tread pattern are designed for optimal wear and water drainage.

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