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Permatex Nickel High-Temp Anti-Seize

SKU 970-3026
Original price $42.99 - Original price $42.99
Original price $42.99
$42.99 - $42.99
Current price $42.99
  • Recommended for stainless steel, titanium and nickel alloys
  • Used where copper contamination must be avoided
  • Prevents galling during assembly and allows for easy disassembly
  • Inhibits rusting, cold welding and galvanic corrosion
  • Resists most chemical and acid solutions, road salt, salt water, and steam
  • For Extreme pressure and high temperatures up to 1315°C (2400°F)
Applications: Exhaust Manifold Bolts, Exhaust System Bolts, Muffler Clamps, Oxygen Sensors and Tailpipe assemblies

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