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Permatex Copper Anti-Seize

SKU 970-3024
Original price $29.99 - Original price $39.99
Original price $29.99
$29.99 - $39.99
Current price $29.99
  • Premium formula copper anti-seize
  • Contains a high percentage of micro-fine copper flakes in a semi-synthetic grease carrier
  • Electrically conductive
  • For easy assembly and disassembly of metal parts
  • Prevents galling during assembly
  • Inhibits rusting, cold welding and galvanic corrosion between assembled parts
  • Effective at high temperature up to 982°C (1800°F)
  • USA Mil-Spec 907E

Applications: Spark Plug Threads installed in Aluminum, Exhaust Manifold Bolts, Engine Bolts, Oxygen Sensors, Knock Sensors, Thermostat Housing Bolts, Fuel Filter Fittings and Battery Cable Connections

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