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Metzeler Karoo Street

SKU 526-2144
Original price $202.99 - Original price $518.99
Original price $359.99
$202.99 - $518.99
Current price $359.99
METZELER KAROO Street is the latest product in the KAROO family named after the semi-desert natural region of South Africa.
  • METZELER KAROO Street is a unique combination of Scrambler look, dirt road traction and on-road performances.
  • Outstanding on-road performances on a knobby tread pattern
  • High-Silica compound to achieve a high level of grip on road, both in dry and wet conditions
  • Excellent traction on dirt, with on-road agility
  • Top cornering precision and stability throughout the tire’s life
  • Constant contact patch enables good integration with electronic rider aids

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