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Lexin Ft4 Pro Bluetooth 4-way Conference Intercom

  • 1st of Its Kind Integrated 8000 Lumen LED Utility Headlamp
  • Utility headlamp programmed with SoS Strobe mode for emergencies
  • Featured Multi-Color Trim Light Design
  • HD ultra-slim 40mm Speakers with LexinPulse™ Technology ensures Premium Stereo Sound
  • Advanced Digital Noise Cancellation Technology only picks up the riders voice, no ambient noise
  • Type C Quick Charge
  • 4 Rider intercom
  • Intercom Range: up to 1.2 Miles(2 Kms) in Open Terrain *with 4 Riders Connected
  • 800MAH Battery
  • Talk Time 13 Hours, Music Time 18 Hours, Standby Time over a Week
  • Built in FM Tuner/allows for up to six station pre-sets
  • IP67 Water Resistant Design, Handles any Weather Conditions
  • Universal Intercom pairing with other Brand Headsets
  • Two year hassle free warranty