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ITP Coyote

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Original price $424.99
Current price $319.99
• Unmatched traction and side bite
• Predictable lateral stability
• Surgical steering response
• Specifically designed for higher horsepower vehicles
• Dominates rough, hard-pack, gravel and sandy terrain
• Staggered width shoulder lugs
• Optimal footprint for even pressure distribution
• Ample void and multiple biting edges on the tread blocks offer excellent
traction in a variety environments
• 3/4-inch lug depth for maximum handling, braking and traction control
• Center lug channels improve traction by allowing the tread to flex and wrap
around rocks and other objects when riding on rough trails
• Compliant with DOT Test Standards (on 27 and 32 inches only)
• 8-ply rated radial construction
• Reinforced belts provide increased traction and unequaled puncture
• Increased sidewall strength offers superior stability and puncture protection
• Made in the USA