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IRC Tire Rmc 810

Original price $134.99 - Original price $259.99
Original price $134.99
$134.99 - $259.99
Current price $134.99
SKU 01-00700
Size: 110/70R17
Position: Front

This tire was developed as “All Round Radial Tire”. It will cover variety of riding conditions (Dry, Wet, City, Sport)


• Handling: Light a little and suitable for sport motorcycles • Stability: Good stability from low to high speed

• Stiffness: Sufficient stiffness for sport motorcycles

• Comfortability: Riding feeling is comfortable

• Dry Grip: Enough for city riding and sport riding

• Wet Grip: Good for city and sport riding when wet condition Compound

• Improve compound grip from STD tires and maintain wear resistance.


• Front Tire: 2 Ply Nylon + 1 Ply Aramid belt (H-range) Using 2 Ply Nylon for handling and stability

• Rear Tire: 1 Ply Nylon + 1 Ply Aramid belt (H-range) Using 1 Ply Nylon for lightness of tire and good stability Pattern Design

•Negative Ratio (Groove area ratio) = 15~16% This negative ratio is good for wet condition.

• Negative Ratio is gradually transition from tread center to shoulder area. It will lead to a smooth handling.