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External Model-Adhesive

by ITL
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TEP 1 – Remove grips. If you have rubber grips, heat them until they become flexible. Break the mastic by inserting a Phillips screw-driver between grip and handlebar. Then pry grip straight off. Do not attempt to twist off grip.

STEP 2 – Remove all residue (glue, rubber, etc..) from area covered by grip on handlebar.
Clean properly using either fine sandpaper or gasoline to obtain a residue free surface, ready to receive the heating element.

STEP 3 – Remove white contact protector from heating element. Encircle cleaned area with heating element, replace rubber grip on each side. Attach wires along control wire to pass underneath the hood.

STEP 4 – Drill a 1/2” dia. hole in dashboard for the installation of the HI-OFF-LO switch.
STEP 5 – Take the wire from the heating element which is not connected to the switch and attach it to a suitable ground.

a) Electric Start Models: Take a length of 18 gauge stranded wire and connect it to the end of the single wire which extends from the “Y” junction and connect it to the accessory lug on the rear of the snowmobile ignition switch.

b) Manual Start Models: The wire mentioned in 5a) must be connected to magneto (yellow wire) + STEP 6 – Choose the switch position for the desired function:

1) Up position for high heat
2) Centre off:
3) Down position for low heat.