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The SPORTMAX Roadsport 2 is the evolutionary system of the previous SPORTMAX Roadsport which was extremely popular. The tire introduced big evolved points such as adoption of a new development compound which can enjoy to the last even if it mounts, as for SPORTMAX Roadsport 2 introduced this time, the linear handling performance which was popular in SPORTMAX Roadsport is kept intact and improves the ground touch.

Generally, the tire becomes less likely to generate heat as the thickness decreases due to mount, and the grip also decreases. However, in Roadsport 2, it has a 2-layer tread structure with 2-types of compounds stacked on the top and bottom and adopted the new “Performance Compound Layers” (PCL). The “PCL” is the surface that improves the grip as the substances heat up the rubber, and the high grip & long life suppresses deterioration of grip performance due to mount. The tread surface layer strengthens the adhesive grip with silicabased compound.

  • The rubber of tire mounting adopts the “New Polymer” highly bonded with silica, which is excellent in grip power. It improves the adhesion with the road surface by this. The grip power and abrasion resistance are also improving.
  • The deep layer compound adopts fine particle carbon for racing and the rubber improves the grip by generating heat. It shows excellent grip performance from brand new to mount.
  • The linear handling which was very popular at the previous work Roadsport is intact, and achieves even more linear features by designing a new profile.
  • It is finished in an easy-to-ride tire, unlike the high grip tire targeted for sports riding, and it is not a quick ride like a sudden break.

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