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Dunlop GT501

SKU 026-710
by Dunlop
Original price $177.99 - Original price $263.99
Original price $177.99
$177.99 - $263.99
Current price $177.99


The GT501 retains the K591’s bias-ply construction but features a radial-style tread pattern for more contemporary styling and a larger footprint. Compared to the K591, the GT501 features an optimized profile for a larger contact patch that yields increased cornering confidence and a higher tread-to-void ratio for superior grip in dry conditions, with no loss of grip in the wet. An increase in pattern depth at the center of the tread provides improved wear characteristics and even better water clearance. Front tires utilize the same rubber compound as the famous K591. The rear tires feature a new, improved compound that results in better wear resistance and greater grip.

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