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Dunlop Cruisemax

by Dunlop
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Original price $297.99
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SKU 026-064
Size: 130/90-16 Wide Whitewall
Position: Front
Designed with direct input from North American Cruiser bike owners
to meet and exceed their unique needs and expectations. Tread
compound based on world proven Dunlop touring technology for
high mileage and improved ride. Molecular-Engineered-Polymer
(MEP) enhances grip, increases stability, extends mileage and
evenly distributes wear. “Z”-GROOVE tread pattern’s superior water
dispersion effectiveness optimizes braking control while dramatically
reducing hydroplaning. Computer-optimized tread elements in front
improves mileage and durability. Wide, continuous center block
enhances rear grip, stability and tread life. Specially designed profile
delivers predictable handling and cornering. “H” rated for sustained
speeds up to 210 kph (130 mph).