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Duro DI-2010 Buffalo Tire

SKU 027-351
by Duro
Original price $188.99 - Original price $297.99
Original price $254.99
$188.99 - $297.99
Current price $254.99
The Buffalo will plow through mud, rip through earth, tear through forest, and get you to those places smoothly due to its riding characteristics. The most obvious feature of the Buffalo is its aggressive multi-directional “V” shaped tread pattern. Its diagonal lug placement as well as the size, thickness, and tread depth all contribute to its incomparable performance to any other tire on the market. Because of the tread design, this tire will get you through any mud, gravel, or sandy conditions safely. The Buffalo features 4 and 6 ply rating for superior durability and puncture resistance.

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