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Value Proposition: True intermediate MX tire with great performance in a wide range of intermediate to soft terrain. For professional and amateur motocross racers.

The newest member of the BATTLECROSS X series is here! The BATTLECROSS X31 is for a broader range of intermediate terrain in big bike sizes.* Starting where the X30 left off, the X31 is enhanced with Bunker Groove™ technology which results in greater traction in both harder and softer terrains.* Bunker Groove™ works by improving casing flex which enhances traction in harder terrain and adds biting edges for traction in softer conditions.* Cooling Fins™ keep the feel consistent throughout your moto.

Compares to: Dunlop Geomax MX53, Michelin Starcross 5, Pirelli Scorpion MX32.


  • True intermediate tire with improved traction in a broader range of terrain*
  • Rear tire Cooling Fins™ promote consistent traction and feel under continuous use (such as during a moto) by dispersing heat and minimizing inflation pressure gain.
  • Bunker Groove™ technology – Two great benefits!
    1. Increased casing flex in tread area improves lug contact for greater traction in harder terrain while helping to maintain sidewall stability.*
    2. Provides additional biting edges when lugs are fully embedded in soft terrain.*
  • Symmetric front tire design enhanced with Castle Block™ promotes braking stability while increasing biting edges and contact pressure on soft and slippery surfaces.*
  • Asymmetric rear tire tread design featuring Castle Block™ enhances cornering traction by increasing lateral biting edges.*

(*Comparison based on Battlecross X31 versus Battlecross X30 in internal testing. Results may vary depending upon proper tire and vehicle maintenance, surface conditions, and riding habits.)

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