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Beadbuster Xb-455


All-Purpose Tire Bead Buster The BeadBuster XB-455 is a small but powerful tool for breaking loose Tire beads from rims. It is especially well suited for ATV/UTV rims which have large bead retainers, but it works equally well on cars, trucks, motorcycles, lawn equipment, and trailers. It does not require mounting and can be operated with hand tools. The BeadBuster applies a reaction force directly against the lip of the rim and won’t bend lightweight aluminum rims from high compressive forces 4. Using a 3/4” socket or Wrench, run down the ram bolt until the Tire bead has been pushed past the retaining lip on rim. Depending on the age of the Tire and condition of the rim, the bead may partially return to the seated position. Make sure not to tighten the ram bolt past the point where the flange head contacts the tool body, which may result in stripping the threads out. Usually the bead will not become broken all the way around With one application of the BeadBuster, especially on the back side of the rim away from the drop center. ***CAUTION*** Do not allow fingers or body parts to get pinched between the bead and rim! 5. Loosen the ram bolt and clamp bolt. Move the BeadBuster to another location on the rim 2-3 Inches from the first location. Tighten the clamp bolt and drive the ram bolt to break the bead. Repeat this process until the Tire bead is completely loose from the rim.


• Designed in USA, made With care in Taiwan

• Durable Steel Construction (AISI 1020 Cold Rolled)

• Extra-strong Ram Foot is made from Hardened & Tempered 4130 Chrome-Moly Steel, With a Proof Load of >3,000 lbs

• MIG Welded

• Grd-5 & Grd-8 Hardware

• Polyester Powder Coat Finish

• Padded Clamp Arm (Will not scratch or dent rims)

• Patented Design

• Perfect for ATV Tires and Motorcycles Specifications:

• Weight: 2.93 lbs

• Size: 6” x 6”x 1-3/4”

• Max Rim Lip Width (clamp opening): 1.70”

• Max Rim Lip Thickness: 0.63”

• Rim Diameter: Any

• Rim Width: Any

• Rim Material: Any

• Max Ram Extension (throw): 1.438”: