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509 Sinister X6 Goggle

by 509
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$152.99 - $184.99
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SKU F02003100-000-102
Color: Red (2021)
Featuring a 10% larger field of view than our X5, the 509 Sinister X6 Goggle's dual component OTG (Over the Glasses compatible) Phantom frame allows for fast lens changes and a superior face fit when paired with any 509 helmet. Industry-leading optics offer the ultimate in anti-fog and anti-scratch performance coatings.


  • FLLS Fast Lens Loading System uses front loading lens, and unique outrigger latch for easy lens changes
  • Forced outriggers for great fit on a wide range of helmets
  • Phantom rigid frame for an optimal lens seal, soft frame for optimal face fit
  • OTG compatible
  • PC Outer Lens with anti-scratch coating, and super anti-fog inner lens
  • Contoured removable nosemask
  • Silicone lined with Rigger Lock strap
  • Sinister X6 Goggle Lens Conditions

Chrome Mirror/Yellow Tint‚ - Partly Sunny 
Clear Lens‚ - Cloudy, Low Light 
Gold Mirror/Yellow Tint‚ - Partly Sunny 
Green Mirror/Bronze Tint‚ - Partly Sunny 
Maxvent Yellow Tint‚ - Cloudy, Low Light 
Photochromatic Clear Tint‚ - Cloudy & Low Light, Adjusting Tint 
Photochromatic Polarized Tint‚ - Sunny & Partly Sunny, Adjusting Tint 
Photochromatic Yellow Tint‚ - Partly Sunny, Adjusting Tint 
Polarized Smoke Tint‚ - Sunny 
Polarized Yellow Tint‚ - Cloudy, Low Light 
Red Tint‚ - Cloudy, Low Light 
Rose Tint‚ - Cloudy, Low Light 
Smoke Tint‚ - Cloudy, Low Light 
Yellow Tint‚ - Cloudy, Low Light


We have worked closely with an industry leading anti-fog hard coating company to develop a proprietary, goggle specific, anti-fog technology. We also tirelessly sourced the most durable, scratch resistant lens materials as well. The result is an innovative Italian sourced, dual pane lens. This new technology provides an unmatched anti-scratch rating for both the inner and outer lens. In addition, we applied an additional, dual coated NO SCRATCH, hand applied hard coating. This protective, permanent hard coating provides an unmatched level of scratch resistance to your goggle lens. 


The PHANTOM FRAME was completely redesigned to provide the absolute maximum field of vision in the game. Through advanced engineering we were able to literally hide the frame from your field of view, giving you the maximum visibility possible. We engineered every angle of the X6 PHANTOM FRAME to slope perfectly to the contours of your face, while minimizing the amount of frame in your field of view. In addition, the frame was designed to fit perfectly inside your 509 helmet.