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Get Some Extra Force Out Of Your Sled This Winter

Sledding enthusiasts come in all shapes and forms; From the person who dedicates every waking moment to the outdoors, the one who jitters with anticipation, to the weekend warrior who can’t wait to get out on the trail, and a new path in their wake, forgetting about all obligation except the untouched snow ahead of...

Snowmobiling Is Good For Your Health… And For Beating the Winter Blues

The Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations (CCSO) is pleased to receive initial findings that recreational snowmobiling can assist in the accumulation of the total recommended physical activity time needed to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Study data suggest that the activity level of snowmobiling has traditionally been underestimated. This according to preliminary results from a yet-to-be...


Snowmobiling for me has become an escape from the reality of every day routine and often includes enjoying some R&R with some great friends on a day-long ride or better yet a long weekend of riding, experiencing some of our province’s best riding locations and experiences.  As many of my riding buddies will attest, I...

5 Snowmobile Photography Tips That Have Nothing to Do with Your Camera Settings

Want to get better at shooting sledding this winter? There are hundreds of online tutorials about which camera settings to use to get better action shots. But none of them offer any help when it comes to actually being out there, trudging around in waist-deep snow. With that in mind, here are 5 Snowmobile Photography Tips…

How to Deal with an Upper Arm Injury in the Backcountry

An upper arm injury—such as a broken collarbone or shoulder dislocation—is a fairly common injury in mountain sledding. These can be caused by an abrupt stop, a fall with arms outstretched or a collision with trees or other hard object, including your sled. However, an upper arm injury is not always an emergency situation and...

How to Deal with Broken Ribs in the Backcountry

Ride long enough, and eventually there's a decent chance of hurting or even breaking your ribs while snowmobiling in the mountains. How to Deal with Broken Ribs in the Backcountry Broken ribs and other chest injuries can be caused by a hard impact with the handlebars, trees or rocks; a high-speed crash; or an awkward...

How to Splint a Broken Leg in the Backcountry

Leg injuries are reasonably common in mountain sledding. These can be caused by a number of events, such as impact with a tree or rock, a slide down the slope, a slip on the running boards or a foot getting caught in the footwell. A broken leg in the backcountry can be a serious problem....


Tick, tock, tick, tock, the countdown has begun. Daylight recedes by three minutes a day. Nights are cool, leaves begin to turn and antlered deer become hot and bothered with the coming rut. Grey wisps of clouds, bloated with the promise of snow, fill the sky, signifying a change of seasons and a change in…


SNOWMOBILING IS THE TIE THAT BINDS | MOUNTAIN SLEDDER   Getting out on the mountain to enjoy a fresh snowfall with a group of like-minded, powder loving individuals is one of our greatest thrills. Sometimes we don’t realize it until years or perhaps even decades later, but memories and lifelong friendships are being made each…

Product Review:  The Badlands Upland Bird Vest

Product Review:  The Badlands Upland Bird Vest The Badlands Upland Bird vest does it all.  If you are not familiar with the Badlands company, they have been in the hunting industry for 20 years; they started with packs and have used their pack technology to make the Upland Bird Vest.  While it only weighs in...

What’s in Your Snowmobile Back Pack? Be prepared!

If you’ve been following located in Mount Pearl, NL it’s pretty clear that we enjoy the winter months. While living on “the rock” with below-zero highs, we enjoy the winter months exploring the outdoors by snowmobile. Great news for the island! We just broke out of our cold spell and received fresh powder over the...

Snowmobiling in Newfoundland and Labrador

Picture yourself here:   Andrew Tilley, Owner/Operator of Driven PowerSports enjoying the snowmobiling experience on the west coast. Snowmobiling in Newfoundland and Labrador offers riders coastal journeys with beautiful ocean vistas with exotic treks through Newfoundland and Labrador’s forests, over ancient mountains, and along the edges of glacier-carved fjords. There are more than 5,000 kilometres of…

New KFI Pro-Poly Blade

New KFI Pro-Poly Blade Conquer the snow with the Brand New KFI Pro-Poly System from Driven PowerSports. Featuring a rugged, American made Grade 50 steel construction with a flexible replaceable Heavy Duty Poly Face. Designed to throw even the deepest, heaviest snow while making it a smoother experience. The Ploy Plow now comes with a towering…

509 Helmets and Goggles now available at Driven Powersports

  Weight The Altitude helmet is constructed from an innovative new thermoplastic poly alloy outer shell material. This all new material allows for one of the lightest helmets in its class, with a starting weight of just 1260 grams. The Altitude helmet comes in 9 total sizes (Youth SM-LG, Adult XS-2XL) from 3 individual outer…